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You are buying on 2 really COOL lightsaber swords. These are super bright blades that can light up an entire room and has a silver hilt. About 26" long which is perfect and safe for kids. Adults LOVE them too!

ALL of our light sabers come in packages of 2 (TWO).

Ready To Have Some Fun or Watch Others Duel?

The lightsaber blade is made from a durable polycarbonate plastic, so it can be used for light dueling and playing. Many children use this particular sword for play fighting and it is harmless. Of course just like any other saber or toy sword, if you strike a hard object at full superman strength it may end up breaking. But it is perfect for normal play duels.

The Coolest GIFT, Ever!

THE coolest thing about this lightsaber sword is the FX. First of all, it uses sound FX when you turn it on or when you strike something. But the best part is that when you strike something or another saber it changes color. Also it can change color when you move the sword swiftly. 

Battle Others For Domination!
(You are Purchasing 2 or MORE...)

If you use both swords for dueling, it looks so cool because as both swords strike, they both change different colors. If you look at it in the dark, this light saber looks pretty awesome.

Colors Your Lightsaber Will Change To:
Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Pink


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